FAQ’s  & Spa information

Here we have the answers to some commonly asked questions and a little information to help you have the perfect spa day with us at Vintage Garden Spa. 

 Are you still open due to coronavirus ? Unfortunately I had to make the difficult decision on the 17/3/20 to temporarily close until the end of April. This was felt to be the socially responsible action to take as my work involves close contact for prolonged periods during treatments. My absolute priority is to protect the public, myself and my family and follow the most up to date official government  advice.  I very much appreciate your support and your patience during what is a very difficult time for small businesses like myself . It is obviously very difficult at this time for me to give an exact date for re-opening but rest assured I will update the website as soon as anything should change. 

Do I still have pay a cancellation fee if we are unwell or self isolating due to coronavirus ?  Until further notice our cancellation policy has been amended and no cancellation fees will be payable if you need to cancel or reschedule due to coronavirus. I will be contacting everyone this may affect at the earliest opportunity if your appointment does need to be cancelled.

What happens if my gift voucher expires while you are closed ?  All current gift vouchers have had an additional 6 months added to them as from 17/3/20. I will keep this in review and update and extend further, if necessary until you are able to use them.  

Are you still selling gift vouchers ? Yes, absolutely ! In fact gift voucher sales will be very much appreciated in helping support my little business during this difficult time. All newly purchased gift vouchers will have a 12 month expiry instead of the usual 6 months to help me stagger demand when I re-open and these will also be extended if necessary. 

Is the spa at your home and will there be any other clients there during our day spa ? Yes, our log cabin is our back garden along with the hot tub. During your visit no other clients will be present and you will have all our facilities entirely to yourselves. 

What do I need to bring with me ? If you are booked for one of our day spa packages you will just need your swimsuits. Towels, robes and slippers are all provided for you.

Is there parking at the spa ? We have 2 spaces to park on our drive and you are able to park on the road in front of the house. We do ask that as many of you car share, if possible and that none of your party park in front of neighbouring houses or block any of our neighbours drives.

Do you cater for specific diets such as Gluten free, Vegan, Dairy free, Vegetarian etc ?Unfortunately we cannot cater for specific diets other than a vegetarian option.  We are unable to guarantee a completely ‘free from’ environment as all our food is homebaked in an environment where common known allergens are present including: wheat, dairy, nuts, eggs.  Many of our cakes also include these allergens. This doesn’t of course mean you can’t visit us at all ! We do have some treatment based packages only and you are welcome to give us a call to see how we can adapt things so you can still visit with your friends.

I have a nut allergy, can I still visit for a day spa package with afternoon tea ? We are able to omit nuts from our cakes, however we are unable to completely guarantee a nut free environment. We do also have a range of products we use in treatments that are safe for nut allergy sufferers. 

I need to change/cancel my booking. Will I be charged ? Please see above info regarding coronavirus You are welcome to change or cancel your appointment at any time. This can be done through the link in the email confirmation you will have received on booking, on your reminder email or by contacting us directly. Charges will apply if the required minimum period of notice is not given. Please see our CANCELLATION policy for further details.

What is the minimum age for visiting Vintage Garden Spa ? All visitors must be 14 years old and above. All young people under the age of 18 will need a chaperone at all times and written parental consent will be required for any treatments to go ahead. 

I wear self tan, am I still able to use the hot tub ? Unfortunately we are unable to allow self tan users to use our hot tub. If you have previously used self tan then you MUST be at least 4 weeks self tan free before visiting. We also do not allow anyone arriving in make up, body lotion or sun cream to use the hot tub facility. and request that all guests arrive freshly showered. This is due to the oils clogging the hot tub filters and contaminating the water, which then requires decontamination before it can be used again. This impacts on not only ourselves with the time, effort and cost to decontaminate the hot tub but would also affect other guests visit if they are unable to use the hot tub due to contamination. Breast feeding mother’s are also unable to use the hot tub for health and hygiene reasons.  For that reason we are very strict regarding our hot tub terms and conditions, which are highlighted upon booking your appointment.

I recently dyed my hair, can I still use the hot tub ? Please ensure there is no colour running from your hair before your visit as this will contaminate the water. 

I have a verruccae/athletes foot, can I still visit and use the hot tub ? As these conditions are highly contagious we ask that you are never bare foot during your visit and wear an appropriate specialised athletes foot/verrucae sock.  

How do I pay for my appointment ? As explained in the terms and condition when you book, no actual payment is taken upon your initial booking. Your card details are only required to confirm your appointment at this time. You can pay for your appointment on your visit and this can be done via cash, card or bank transfer. We do not accept cheques.

Do you sell alcohol or include it in your packages ? We do not have a licence to serve or sell alcohol, however we understand that many clients want to visit us to celebrate a special occasion. Due to this we do allow you to bring a small amount of alcohol for a celebratory drink. However, we do stress that no guests can be intoxicated to receive treatment and we inform guests that using the hot tub increases the effects that alcohol has on the body. Vintage Garden Spa is an environment where peace, calm and quiet tranquility is maintained and we ask all guests to respect this in their behaviour at all times. Rowdy, loud and disruptive behaviour is not acceptable and clients may be requested to leave if their behaviour disrupts our calm environment. Please ensure that either you arrive by taxi, or have a drink free guest with you as all cars will need to be taken away with you when you leave

I have a health condition, am I still able to use the hot tub and receive a spa treatment ? Having a health condition does not necessarily prevent you from having treatment or using our facilities. We advise any one who is unsure to call us to discuss how we can help facilitate your visit. 

Do you do pregnancy massage ?Yes we do ! We do however advise all our Mum’s to be to discuss with their midwife before visiting, as you will be asked to confirm you have your midwife or GP approval for you to receive treatments. This can be given verbally by your GP/midwife at one of your check ups. You must also be past the first trimester to receive any spa treatments. 

What’s the maximum amount of people you can cater for on one of your day spa packages ? We can cater for groups of up to 4 people.